Atlach-Nacha Edit

How to Awaken Atlach-Nacha (Cost 6):

1) Your controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One

2) Pay 6 Power, and place Atlach-Nacha in the Area containing the Gate.

Combat: 4

Spinnerets: (Action: Cost 1) If Atlach-Nacha is in an Area that is lacking a Web Token, place one there.

Spellbook Requirement Edit

Web Tokens are in 6 different Areas

Spellbook Edit

Cosmic Web (Action: Cost 0)

Immediately win the game, even with fewer than 6 Faction Spellbooks.

Strategies Edit

Great Cthulhu: Submerge with Atlach-Nacha and re-emerge in a remote ocean area. Use Spinneret. Repeat until victory.

Crawling Chaos: Use your Flight ability to move Atlach-Nacha to safe remote areas to use Spinneret.

Yellow Sign: you can use Spinneret as your second action for The Screaming Dead or He Who Must Not Be Named to give you flexibility.

WindWalker: Ithaqua has the strongest army, and best movement in the game. A Windwalker player can use Artic Wind to move Atlach-Nacha with all his units and use Spinneret.