Azathoth Edit

How to Awaken Azathoth (Cost 0):

1) You must have 8+ Power and your Great Old One at your Controlled Gate.

2) Roll 1 die and add 2 to the total, then lose that much Power (i.e., 3-8).

3) All enemy players choose and simultaneously reveal a die face. Each receives Power equal to the reveal (i.e., 1-6). The players(s) with the lowest score loses 2 Doom points. Total the dice, and place the Azathoth glyph on that spot on the Doom track. Place Azathoth at your Controlled Gate.

Combat: Equals the position of the Azathoth glyph on the Doom track.

Daemon Sultant: (Ongoing) If Azathoth is chosen to receive a Kill, roll 1d6. Lower the Azathoth marker by the result. If the marker reaches 0, Azathoth is Killed.

Spellbook Requirement Edit

All players have at least one Great Old One in play

Spellbook Edit

Nuclear Chaos (Action: Cost 0)

Each player rolls 1d6. The player(s) with the highest roll gains that much Power. The player(s) with the lowest roll gains that many Elder Signs. You (only) may choose to add or subtract 1 to your die roll after seeing the results. Flip this Spellbook face down (it cannot be used again this Phase). Flip it face up again during Gather Power.

Strategies Edit

Inject a little CHAOS into your game with the Daemon Sultan himself! He could cost 3 Power, or 8! His combat could be 2, or 36! You could gain Power, gain Elder Signs, or gain Nothing! Live a little!