Chaugnar Faugn Edit

How to Awaken Chaugnar Faugn (Cost 4):

1) Your controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.

2) Pay 4 Power, and place Chaugnar Faugn in the Area containing the Gate.

Combat: 3

Miri Nigri: (Ongoing) In a Battle taking place in an Area with your controlled Gate, add +3 Combat dice.

Spellbook Requirement Edit

As your Action for a Round, discard 2 Elder Signs (you receive no Doom for them)

Spellbook Edit

Curse of Chaugnar Faugn (Ongoing)

Turn all Elder Signs in the Pool face-up. When any player receives an Elder Sign, you pick which one they receive. If you lose this Spellbook, turn the Elder Signs face-down again, and mix them up.

Strategies Edit

Any: Grab Chaugnar Faugn to boost your gate defenses, and grab his spellbook to gain leverage over your foes: if they are good, you may give them 2's, but if they're bad, you'll give them only 1's (of course keeping the 3's for yourself!).

Black Goat: Miri Nigri will make your fortified areas even more difficult to uproot. Curse of Chaugnar Faugn pairs nicely with Blood Sacrifice as well.

Crawling Chaos: Flying Polyps can be used to invisible enemy forces that seek to harm Chaugnar. In the mean time, use the Curse of Chaugnar Faugn to gain 6 doom points in elder signs for each successful Harbinger attack. Attacking an area with 2 enemy GOOs with this combo can win the game instantly.

Great Cthulhu: Your precious few gates can now better defend themselves while Cthulhu's army tears down the competition. Get a guaranteed 3 doom when you bring big green back.

Tcho-Tcho: With 3 combat dice from Miri Nigri, your Proto-Shoggoths are freed up to take your opponents attack dice away via Terror. With 3 high priests in the doom phase, you can sacrifice them all to net 9 doom with the Curse of Chaugnar Faugn.

Windwalker: With 2 faction GOOs in place, you can gain a guaranteed 6 doom with rituals locked in at 5 power with Herald of the Outer Gods Spellbook! That is a steal.

Yellow Sign: Keep Chaugnar safe with Hastur. Any attempt on his life will result in catastrophic losses on your attacker's army. A good round of desecrations will result in a massive doom gain.