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Cthugha Edit

How to Awaken Cthugha (Nominal Cost 6):

1) Your controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.

2) Pay Power equal to 6 minus your Great Old One's Awakening Power Cost. If the result is negative, gain the result in Power.

3) Replace your Great Old One with Cthugha.

Combat: Equals the Combat of an enemy Great Old One in the Battle (your choice). If none are present, Cthugha's Combat is 0.

Fire Vampires: (Post-Battle) If Cthugha is involved in a Battle, after all Kill results are assigned, you may choose to "spare" one or more Killed enemy units, by reducing their loss to a Pain instead. For each Killed enemy unit you spare in this way, you gain 1 Power.

Spellbook Requirement Edit

Kill an enemy Great Old One in Battle

Spellbook Edit

Firestorm (Post-Battle)

If Cthugha is involved in a Battle, for each Killed enemy unit you "spare", you also gain 1 Elder Sign.

Strategies Edit

Crawling Chaos: Spare enemy GOOs with Fire Vampires, then pick up two elder signs with Nyarlathotep's Harbinger ability.  For maximum effect, pick a faction that is out of power and Isolate the GOO with Madness for repeat attacks. If you have been awarded Cthugha's Firestorm spellbook, you are looking at 3 elder signs per battle! Imagine if you fought two enemy GOOs at once with this setup!
Bokrug / KiY Combo: If another player has a GOO with 0 combat dice, like Bokrug or KiY, isolate him with Madness and attack with Nyarlathotep and Cthugha as a pair. (Watch out for a Dread Curse enabled Opener player and unlimited combat armies. Keep your Hunting Horrors on the ready for defense.)

Great Cthulhu: It is beneficial to re summon Cthulhu, so for 6 power (2 for Cthugha, 4 for Cthulhu), you get 2 elder signs. If you can Submerge to surprise attack an enemy GOO (and kill them), then you can start raking in the elder signs with Firestorm.

Tcho Tcho: With Ubbo Sathla automatically re-summoning every doom phase, Cthugha is FREE!!! Go after an enemy goo to get Cthugha's spellbook AND your faction spellbook that requires a GOO to die.

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