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Welcome to the Cthulhu Wars Strategy Wikia!Edit

A collection of Cthulhu Wars strategies.

Share Your Favorite Strategies!Edit

As commanded by the great Sandy Petersen himself, I have "hopped to" creating a Cthulhu Wars Strategy Wiki! I'm no great Cthulhu Wars player myself so I hope that I can learn from you and that you can learn from others. While strategies in Cthulhu Wars are ever shifting and there is not any one winning strategy, I hope that we can list some popular and situational strategies in this wiki.

Faction Overviews and Strategies Edit

Independent Great Old One Strategies Edit

Independent Monster Strategies Edit

Cosmic Terror Strategies Edit

Special Cultist Strategies Edit

Neutral Spellbook Strategies Edit

Map Specific Strategies Edit

Links to BGG Strategy Threads Edit

Latest activityEdit

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The Epic Battle of the Great Old Ones

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