Father Dagon Edit

How to Awaken Father Dagon (Cost 4):

1) Your controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.

2) Pay 4 Power, and place Father Dagon in the Area containing the Gate.

Combat: 2 on Land, 6 in an Ocean Area.

Tsunami: (Action: Cost 1) Choose a Land area adjacent to an Ocean Area. All Cultists in the Area must be moved into Adjacent Ocean Areas by their owners (this includes your Cultists). In a dispute over who moves first, you decide.

Spellbook Requirement Edit

You have 8 Units in Ocean Areas

Spellbook Edit

The Innsmouth Look (Ongoing)

During the Doom phase, remove one of your Acolyte Cultists from the map and out of the game permanently. Gain 6 Power. This is not optional. If you have no Acolyte Cultists on the map, there is no effect.

Strategies Edit

Any: Use Tsunami to drive your enemies from their gates, and The Innsmouth Look for a HUGE power boost!

Great Cthulhu: With 6 Combat in water, Dagon is a huge boost to Cthulhu's submersible army. Use Tsunami to wash cultists into the ocean where Cthulhu can unsubmerge and battle / capture. Mid to late game, grab the spellbook and turn any loitering cultist into huge power boosts.

Tcho-Tcho: You have the unique ability (aside from Sleeper) to have a lot of power after everyone else is out when you sacrifice your High Priests. Use this power to empty gates with Tsunami and move your own units in to capture.