Gla'aki Edit

How to Awaken Gla'aki (Cost 4):

1) Your controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.

2) Pay 4 Power, and place Gla'aki in the Area containing the Gate.

Combat: Equal to the number of Acolyte Cultists in your Pool.

The Tomb-Herd (Gather Power Phase): Earn 1 Power per Acolyte Cultist in your Pool. (Count these before any enemy Sacrificing your Captured Cultists gives them back to you).

Spellbook Requirement Edit

You are the first player to reach 0 Power in the Action Phase. (Windwalker taking the Hibernate Action does NOT fulfill this requirement).

Spellbook Edit

Green Decay (Gather Power Phase)

When a Captured Cultist is Sacrificed and returned, gain an Elder Sign instead of your normal reward (of 1 Power).

Strategies Edit

Gla'aki has an amazing spellbook. He make Cultist Capturing a very viable winning strategy. This strategy would combo very well with the Great Race of Yith and/or Sleeper. You would gain 1 power and 1 Elder Sign for every captured cultist.

Gla'aki's ability, The Tomb-Herd, makes him a great pick for any faction that cycles out their acolyte cultists, such as:

  • Great Cthulhu using Devolve
  • Black Goat using Blood Sacrafice, Summoning their GOO, and Spellbook requirements.
  • Opener of the Way upgrading their Cultists to Mutants.

You can safely cycle your cultists without fear of loosing power during the gather power phase. There's a similar benefit when playing with Eihort or Yuggoth, since Brain Cylinders and Brood Tokens replace your Acolytes. If you combine Gla'aki with both of those, your Cultist-sourced power would be upwards of 16.