Faction Ability Edit

Immortal (Ongoing): Once Cthulhu has Awakened, he costs only 4 Power each additional time he is Awakened. Whenever you Awaken any Great Old One, gain 1 Elder Sign.

Setup Edit

6 Acolytes and a controlled Gate in the Area marked with the Glyph (South Pacific, on the Earth Map)

Cultist Edit

Acolyte: Count 4, Cost 1, Combat 0

Monsters Edit

Deep One: Count 4, Cost 1, Combat 1

Shoggoth: Count 2, Cost 2, Combat 2

Starspawn: Count 2, Cost 3, Combat 3

Great Old One Edit

Cthulhu: Cost 10/4, Combat 6

How to Awaken Cthulhu:

  1. There must be a gate in Great Cthulhu's starting Area (Can be abandoned or enemy-controlled)
  2. If this is the first Awakening: pay 10 Power. Otherwise pay 4 Power.
  3. Cthulhu appears in the starting Area. (Remember to gain 1 Elder Sign).

Devour: (Pre-Battle) The enemy player eliminates one of his Monsters or Cultists in the area, his choice.

Spellbook Requirements Edit

  • In the first Doom phase, receive this Spellbook.
  • In any Doom phase in which you have 5 faction Spellbooks, receive this Spellbook. Also receive 1 Elder Sign.
  • Kill and/or Devour an enemy Unit in a battle *
  • Kill and/or Devour two enemy Units in a battle *
  • Control three Gates in Ocean Areas OR four Gates exist in Ocean Areas
  • Awaken Cthulhu

* You may earn both these Spellbooks in a single Battle, if you Kill and/or Devour 3 or more Units

Spellbooks Edit

  • Devolve (Ongoing) At the end of any player's Action (even if it's not your turn), transform one or more of your Acolyte Cultists anywhere on the map into Deep Ones.
  • Absorb (Pre-Battle) If a Shoggoth is present, eliminate one or more of your Monsters or Cultists from the Area. For each Unit so removed, add 3 dice to the Shoggoth's Combat for that Battle.
  • Regeneration (Post-Battle) Apply up to 2 Battle results to the same Starspawn when taking losses. If both results are Kills, the Starspawn dies. On any other combination of Kill or Pain results, the Starspawn retreats.
  • Dreams (Action: Cost 3) Choose an area with enemy Acolyte Cultist(s). Your enemy must eliminate one and replace it with one from your Pool.
  • Y'ha Nthlei (Ongoing) During Gather Power, if Cthulhu is in play, you gain 1 Power for each enemy-controlled Gate in an ocean Area.
  • Submerge (Action: Cost 1) If Cthulhu is in an Ocean Area, remove him from the map and place him on your Faction Card, along with any or all friendly Units in the same Area. As a later Action, pay 1 Power to place Cthulhu, plus all accompanying Units, anywhere on the map, including land.