Hound of Tindalos (1) Edit

Pay 2 Doom and 2 Power to obtain this Loyalty Card, then place the Hound of Tindalos at any Gate (even one you don't Control).

Cost: 4

Combat: 4

Chronophage: (Ongoing)

The Hound cannot perform the Move Action by itself. The Hounde Moves for free whenever you Move any other Unit. In doing so, the Hound teleports directly from an Area with a Gate to another Area with a Gate - neither of which need to be Controlled by you (or anyone).

Angles of Time: (Ongoing)

The Hound cannot be assigned a Kill in Battle. However, if a Hound is ever in an Area without a Gate (due to being Pained to such an Area, or the Gate itself being destroyed or moved, etc.), it is Eliminated. It can also be Eliminated if it cannot be Pained due to Enemy presence in adjacent Areas (per normal Pain rules).