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Faction Ability Edit

The Beyond One (Action: Cost 1): Select your unit with a Cost of 3+ in an Area with a Gate, but lacking an enemy Great Old One. Move your Unit to any Area on the map lacking a Gate. In doing so, your Unit takes the Gate with him, plus any controlling unit.

Setup Edit

6 Acolytes in a Controlled Gate, in any Area that does not already have a Gate, picked after all other Factions have set up.

Cultist Edit

Acolyte: Count 6, Cost 1, Combat 0

Monster Edit

Mutant: Count 4, Cost 2, Combat 1

Abomination: Count 3, Cost 3, Combat 2

Spawn of Yog-Sothoth: Count 2, Cost 4, Combat 3

Great Old One Edit

Yog-Sothoth: Cost 6, Combat "Equals twice the number of enemy-controlled Faction Great Old Ones in play."

How to Awaken Yog-Sothoth:

  1. You must have a Spawn of Yog-Sothoth on the map.
  2. Pay 6 Power. Replace the Spawn with Yog-Sothoth.

The Key and the Gate (Ongoing): Yog-Sothoth counts as a Gate for every purpose, except for The Beyond One ability (Also he is not Controlled by a Cultist, and can exist in the same Area as another Gate).

Spellbook Requirements Edit

  • Eight Gates exist on the map
  • Twelve Gates exist on the map
  • You have units in at least two Areas containing enemy-controlled Gates
  • Lose one of your own Units in Battle
  • Your Great Old One is in the same Area with an enemy Great Old One
  • Awaken Yog-Sothoth

Spellbooks Edit

  • Dread Curse of Azathoth (Action. Cost 2): Select an Area and roll 1 Combat die per Abomination and Spawn of Yog-Sothoth in play. Apply the die results as Kills and Pains to enemy Factions in the Area (you choose which Faction receives which results). No Battle-type abilities apply. You choose to which Area(s) Units are Pained.
  • The Million Favored Ones (Post-Battle): After Pains and Kills are resolved, "promote" any or all surviving Acolytes to Mutants, Mutants to Abominations, and Abominations to Spawns of Yog-Sothoth. You can Promote a Spawn of Yog-Sothoth by transforming it into as many Mutants as are in your Pool.
  • They Break Through (Ongoing): You can Summon Monsters at Enemy Controlled and Abandoned Gates. You do not need to have any Units present in the Area.
  • Dragon Ascending (Once Only): Once during the game (at any time), set your Power to be equal to the current Power of one chosen enemy Faction. Flip this spellbook face-down after use to indicate you cannot use it again.
  • Dragon Descending (Once Only): Once during the game when you perform a Ritual of Annihilation, you receive twice the normal Doom points. Flip this spellbook face down after use to indicate you cannot use it again.
  • Channel Power (Battle): After rolling Combat dice, you may pay 1 Power to reroll all dice which "missed" (i.e., were not Kills or Pains).

General Tips Edit

Spellbook Strategies Edit

  • Dread Curse of Azathoth
  • The Million Favored Ones
  • They Break Through
  • Dragon Ascending
  • Dragon Descending
  • Channel Power

Opening Strategies Edit

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