== Insects from Shaggai (3)


Pay 2 Doom Points to obtain this Loyalty Card, plus place an Insect from Shaggai in any Area.

Cost: 2

Combat: 0

Mind Parasite (Ongoing):

All Acolyte Cultists who are not on a Gate, are share an Area with an Insectm from Shaggai are Controlled by you during the Action Phase, for only the following purposes:

  1. Only you can Move them
  2. They fight on your side in any Battle

They do not benefit from any Faction's Spellbooks (including yours). They can only be Captured by you if their true Faction permits it. They cannot be Captured by their true Faction (though they could be targeted by a Spellbook or Killed in Battle by them, etc.). Once an Acolyte is no longer in an Insect's Area, he is free. These Cultists are not Controlled by you during the Gather Power or Doom Phases - they provide Power and Doom to their true Faction.

=== Strategies