Faction Ability Edit

Sycophancy (Doom Phase): When an enemy player does a Ritual of Annihilation, either you gain 1 Doom, or he gains 1 fewer Doom, his choice.

Setup Edit

After all other players have set up except Opener and Windwalker; 8 Power, 6 Acolytes, and a Controlled Gate in an Empty Area containing a Faction Glyph. Set Ubbo-Sathla's Growth counter to 0 on the Doom track. If the High Priest expansion is in use, replace 1 Acolyte with a High Priest.

Cultist Edit

Acolyte: Count 6, Cost 1, Combat 0 (Spellbook: Soulless)

High Priest: Count 3, Cost 3, Combat 0 (Spellbooks: Martyrdom, Hierophants, & Tablets of the Gods; Identical in function to the expansion High Priest[1]; if using the unique High Priests, only one may be replaced with a unique High Priest.)

Monster Edit

Proto-Shoggoths: Count 6, Cost 2, Combat 1 (Spellbook: Terror).

Great Old One Edit

Ubbo-Sathla: Cost 6, Combat equal to Growth counter on the Doom Track

1) You have a controlled Gate and a High Priest in play (he need not be with the Gate), during the Doom phase or the Action phase. 

2) If it is the Doom phase, pay 0 Power; if it is the Action phase, pay 6 Power.

3) Eliminate the High Priest, then place Ubbo-Sathla at your controlled Gate. 

Hell's Banquet (Doom Phase): Once Ubbo-Sathla has been Awakened, starting with the following Doom phase, and whether or not Ubbo-Sathla is still in play, roll 1d6 and increase its Growth counter by the die roll.

Spellbook Requirements Edit

- Another player performs a Ritual of Annihilation OR Another player has 15 Doom

- Earn an Elder Sign

- Own 3 or more Elder Signs

- As an Action, remove your Controlled Gate in your Start Area (On the Primeval or Shaggai Maps, remove any of your Controlled Gates)

- Any Great Old One is Killed in Battle

- Awaken Ubbo-Sathla

Spellbooks Edit

Soulless (Ongoing) When Captured and Sacrificed, your Cultists provide 0 Power (instead of the normal 1 Power).

Terror (Battle) Choose one: 1) Your enemy’s Combat total is reduced by 1 per Proto-Shoggoth in the Battle. 2) Your Combat total is increased by 1 per Proto-Shoggoth in the Battle.

Martyrdom (Post-Battle) If your High Priest is assigned a Killed, all other Kills inflicted to your other Units become Pains instead.

Idolatry (Action: Cost 1) Select an Area containing another Faction’s starting Glyph (even if that Faction is not in play). Move any or all of your Units in adjacent Areas into the selected Area.

Hierophants (Ongoing) When you earn any Spellbook (including this one), immediately place a free High Priest at one of your Gates. If you have no High Priests in your Pool, instead advance Ubbo-Sathla’s Growth counter by 1.

Tablets of the Gods (Doom Phase) When you perform a Ritual of Annihilation, you also receive 1 additional Elder Sign for each of your High Priests in play. Then, Eliminate those High Priests. This is not optional.

General Tips Edit

  • If you have the option, do not choose either of Windwalker's starting locations as your own. Windwalker will be forced to choose the other location and will immediately get a spellbook for gates being present in both locations. In an 8 player game, you must choose one of these locations, but the increased player count blunts Windwalker's advantage from this.

Spellbook Strategies Edit

Opening Strategies Edit

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