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The Mao Ceremony (Ongoing)

At the end of Gather Power, after Power has been added (i.e., before Determine First Player), you may choose to sacrifice 1 or more of your own Cultists, adding 1 Power apiece to your total.

Strategies Edit

Any: Mother Hydra Combo - Any faction can combo this with Mother Hydra for awesome effect. Use Zygote to replenish your entire cultist supply for only 1 power.

Black Goat: Sacrifice all your cultists for a 6 power gain. Then use that power for up to 3 Groth actions. If you fail, you will gain back your cultists "for free". 

Wind Walker: Cash in your cultists in the (assumed) final doom phase for a boost in power. This frees them up to be placed via Cannibalism for free, in the wake of your destruction. 

Yellow Sign: If nobody is taking the Passion bait, use this spellbook to re-position your cultists on desecration markers. 

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