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Undimensioned (Action: Cost 2)

Rearrange your Units among their Areas as you see fit. You may completely empty an Area, but you may not move to any new Areas.

Strategies Edit

Any: Dimensional Shambler Combo - Place a Shambler in a target area after you have 6 Spellbooks. Now you have a way to move your entire army anywhere on the map as one action, and can declare Unlimited Combat as another.

Black Goat: Create surprise outposts, or take complete control of an abandoned gate after using Necrophagy.

Crawling Chaos: Send a Polyp across the map to enemy strongholds / Goos with your Flying faction ability. Invisibility spellbook ensures he will remain in the area (exempts himself from combat) for your next turn when you bring your devastating army.

Great Cthulhu: Regroup your army for another Submerge after Cthulhu is reawakened. 

Opener of the Way: Use They Break Through to infiltrate the globe, and strike with awesome force using Undimensioned

Yellow Sign: Distribute a cultist to each desecration marker with a Byakhee, freeing them up to screech across the map as necessary.