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Faction Ability Edit

Hibernate (Action: Cost 0): Add +1 Power to your total for each enemy Great Old One in play. You can take no further Actions during this Action Phase. At the start of the next Gather Power Phase, do NOT lose your Power, but add it to your total. This cannot more than double your current power.

Setup Edit

6 Acolytes and a Controlled Gate in one of the 2 Areas with this Glyph, chosen after all other factions, but before Opener (Antarctica or the Arctic Ocean on the Earth Map)

Cultist Edit

Acolyte: Count 6, Cost 1, Combat 0

Monsters Edit

Wendigo: Count 4, Cost 1, Combat 1

Gnoph Keh: Count 4, Cost "Equals the number of Gnoph- Keh in your Unit pool. (i.e. if only one Gnoph Keh is in your pool, the cost is 1.)", Combat 3

Great Old Ones Edit

Rhan-Tegoth: Cost 6, Combat 3

How to Awaken Rhan-Tegoth:

  1. Pay 6 Power.
  2. Rhan-Tegoth appears in an Area containing the Windwalker Glyph.

Eternal (Post-Battle): If Rhan Tegoth receives a Pain or a Kill, you may pay 1 power to cancel its effect on him. He can only receive one combat result per battle.

Ithaqua: Cost 6, Combat "Equals half the Doom total of your opponent, rounded up."

How to Awaken Ithaqua:

  1. Rhan-Tegoth has been awakened (he need not be in play).
  2. A Gate must exist in an Area marked with your Glyph. You need not control the Gate.
  3. Pay 6 Power and replace the Gate with Ithaqua.

Ferox (Ongoing): While Ithaqua is in play, your Cultists cannot be captured by enemy Monsters. They are still vulnerable to enemy Great Old Ones.

Spellbook Requirements Edit

  • You are the starting Player
  • A Gate exists in the area marked with the Windwalker Glyph in which you did not start
  • Another Faction has six Faction Spellbooks
  • Take this spellbook at any time. For each enemy player with six Faction Spellbooks, gain one Elder Sign, to a maximum of 3 Elder Signs
  • Awaken Rhan Tegoth
  • Awaken Ithaqua

Spellbooks Edit

  • Cannibalism (Post-Battle): After a Battle in which one or more enemy Units were Killed, spawn a Wendingo or Acolyte in that Area, even if you were not involved in the Battle.
  • Howl (Pre-Battle): Before Battle, if any Wendigos are present, you may force the enemy to Retreat one Unit (of their choice) out of the Area to an adjacent Area.
  • Berserkergang (Ongoing): For each Gnoph-Keh Killed in a Battle, the enemy must Eliminate one Monster or Cultist.
  • Herald of the Outer Gods (Ongoing): Pay 5 Power for Windwalker's Ritual of Annihilation, regardless of the position of the Ritual marker.
  • Arctic Wind (Ongoing): When Ithaqua moves, any or all of his Units in the Area can be moved with him for no additional cost.
  • Ice Age (Action: Cost 1): Place or move your Ice Age token to any Area. When an enemy Faction takes any Action ending in the Ice Age Area, they must pay +1 Power.

General Tips Edit

Spellbook Strategies Edit

  • Cannibalism
  • Howl
  • Berserkergang
  • Herald of the Outer Gods
  • Arctic Wind
  • Ice Age

Opening Strategies Edit

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