Y'Golonac Edit

How to Awaken Y'Golonac (Cost 2):

1) Your controlled Gate is in an Area with your Great Old One.

2) Pay 2 Power, and place Y'Golonac in the Area containing the Gate.

Combat: 1

Orifices (Post-Battle): If Y'Golonac is Killed in Battle, select a surviving enemy Terror, Monster, or Cultist. Replace it with Y'Golonac, then give Y'Golonac's Loyalty Card to that player. If no enemies survived, Y'Golonac dies normally (placing this Loyalty Card in the general Pool). This ability is not optional.

Spellbook Requirement Edit

You have just received Y'Golonac as a result of his Orifices ability.

Spellbook Edit

The Revelations (Doom Phase)

Ever player except you gets 1 Elder Sign. This is not optional.

Strategies Edit

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